About Us

With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates in infertile couples by up to 50%, Fertility Focus brings a brand new approach to the issue of infertility diagnosis and treatment.

We currently offer two products approved for all major worldwide markets:

OvuSense™ predicts the onset of ovulation one day in advance, provides 99% accuracy for detection of the exact date of ovulation, and confirms the absence of ovulation – all in realtime.    No other method of cycle monitoring in the clinic or home offers these features. Find out more here: www.ovusense.com

FertiloScope™ is a unique minimally invasive instrument for the early diagnosis and immediate corrective surgery of the physical causes of female infertility.

Fertility Focus is driven by the emergence of new medical understanding of infertility and will continue to use our relationship with specialists in the field this provide solutions for improving the chance of viable conception.